About Us

Constructing a Purpose

Shamrock Renewable Products Limited is a biomass fuel producer who is currently constructing a purpose built biomass fuel processing facility to expand its production  capabilities.

The new facility will produce up to 100,000 tonnes of carbon neutral biomass products such as briquettes, wood pellets and other related products.

Shamrock Renewable Products will offer a replacement indigenous carbon neutral alternative briquette to meet the market demand.

Locally grown Willow will provide a large part of the feedstock used to produce the SRPL wood briquettes together with virgin native biomass.

As harvesting rotation is every two years, 50% of the total plantation acres are harvested each year. Each acre yields approximately 20 to 25 tonnes of willow chip per harvest depending on the land quality and soil fertility. Having a renewable and secure feedstock supply under the control of SRPL provides security of raw material supply and consistency of feedstock quality.

There is now clear urgency for a switch towards sustainable Carbon Neutral Fuels at both a domestic and Governmental level.

65% of Irelands energy consumption is dependent on fossil fuel imports making Ireland one of the highest net importer countries of Energy in Europe and having one of the most vulnerable energy security supplies. 

Our goal is to displace imported fossil fuels with Biomass and other sustainable energy alternatives.

In order to meet the Government’s target of 7% annual reductions in CO2 emissions, Ireland must transition rapidly to the use of Carbon Neutral Energy Sources such as the SRPL Briquettes and Pellet products.

Shamrock Renewable Products goal is to provide 100% Carbon Neutral  Indigenously grown fuel products which allow Irish Consumers to change away from fossil fuels and thereby protect our environment.

Our Brand

Shamrock Renewable Products produces Wood Briquettes and Wood Pellets that trade under the brand name “WillowWarm”

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